The Main Purpose of Our Business

Promotes African and Afro-caribbean products, professional services, and talents to the outside world. Showcase community work and a mixture of products made in Africa and elsewhere. Providing an environment for E-commerce, advertising space and Networking.

Africans and Afro-caribbeans around the word can meet on the site and share their knowledge and services to those in need.


  • Bring the community together and be able to build strong relations to aid development, support and growth.
  • Allow members of the  African diaspora to be close to their culture. especially those who are born outside the continent and have taken an interest in learning more
  • Promote unity.
  • Allow those who have never been to Africa to find everything they want with just one click.
  • By promoting businesses and young talents from Africa, and Afro-Caribbean background, we will help individuals to develop their skills and use them to contribute to society.
  • Educate on the benefits of settling in African countries and the endless potential of the continent shining a more positive light.
  • Attract more investors and partners.
  • Educate young African and Afro Caribbean parents on how to properly bring up their own children in order to reduce youth’s crime and violence in the new future.