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Home to authentic products from across the globe.

We accept hand made products, such as arts and crafts, handmade jewelleries and many more.
Do you have an authentic natural , handmade products to sell? No problem! You can join us from anywhere and start selling.

We can advertise your business for you. Please visit our advertising page for more information. We have a community Forum to join to share and engage with other professional.

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    Become part of our all-in-one site where you can showcase your products, discuss ideas and meet other professionals globally.  Afrisellnet is a business that combines networking, blogging, advertising and E-commerce. The website aims to promote products and services as well as showcase Africans and Afro-Caribbeans products, businesses and talents to the rest of the world. This will also include a platform for discussion and to meet other professionals to share visions. a platform where you can buy and sell handmade natural and authentic products.

    About Us


    local and handmade products and from across the globe, including ( footwear, Clothing, accessories, arts and crafts, local fabrics, cosmetics, body butters, hair products, African fabrics, decoration etc.)

    Our best-selling Shea Butter is ready to impress you. Extremely safe and 100% Natural to used even on children and pregnant women. Widely used for skin problems, remove most impurity, great moisturizer and packed with vital nutrients for healthy skin and hair. Go ahead and purchase our natural unrefined Shea Butter today!

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    Be an Afrisellnet Seller and grow your business with promotions and deals.
    Start selling today! we accept handmade products, craft, naturel products etc.
    We offer you an affordable platform to sell your products online within your own space and give full control of your shop to add your own products.
    Please visit: The Accounts page and register a new account and make sure you tick the box to register as a vendor. We will let you know if you have been approved and you will be able to make a payment for your first month’s subscription.

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    Want to write for us?

    Write and talk about things that matters on Afrisellnet blog can have positive impact on people’s lives. Join our community hub here and start writing straight away without a charge to support our community. We know that writing a blog is not everyone favourite but when you do it for your community, you feel happier so come along and share your views.

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    The purpose of the forum is to bring the community together to share their experience and knowledge. This includes forums members of established or new businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.
    Please feel free to settle in one or many of the Forum rooms and start conversation. You can ask question, discuss topics and many more. Registration is free.
    You can also promote yourself via the Afrisellnet-Advertising forum.
    you create your own profile, talk about your business, add your social links and advertise jobs.

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    Are you interested in advertising with us via our pages or banner adverts throughout Afrisellnet website?

    Let us help you promote your business, build your brand and reach your target customers.
    A single paid advertising session on the website entitles you to use its other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and Twitter.
    Promote your business, products and services through Afrisellnet online advertising now at and get your business noticed.

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    Finding anything from sharing success stories from our customers, showcasing a company’s products or services, and answers to frequently asked questions. Find latest news and community support engagement. Customer’s satisfaction and care.

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